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Marcella Rallo, born in Crema (Italy) in 1982, is an Italian photographer with a degree in Science and Technology of Arts and Entertainment at the University of Brescia, a specialization in Fashion Photography at the IED in Milan, and one in Visual Merchandising at the Italian Association of Visual Merchandisers. In 2005 she grew fond of portraiture, still photography and reportage. In 2011 Vogue Italia shortlisted her amongst the New Talents of photography. Her shots pursue timeless atmospheres, with a penchant for fashion photography and a sophisticated language, watchful of the tiniest details of the set (which she conceives and implements by herself). Her photographs, vivid creations of her imagination, blend the scent of the earth, the colours of nature and the ethereal feminine beauty. Dreams (2011), Modern Marie Antoinette (2012), Pierrot Lunaire (2012) and Color spots (2014) are examples thereof. Through photography, she searches for a fantastical dimension showing in everyday life in all its refined beauty, becoming synonym of inner rebirth and nimbleness. In every shot female figures of ethereal beauty float in a unique natural environment suspended in time, dominated by colour splashes, pastel hues, and an impalpable atmosphere, on the edge of the dreamlike.


Valentina Rapino

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